5 healthy food substitutions – For a healthier kitchen + small holiday break

5 healthy food substitutions – For a healthier kitchen + small holiday break

This blog post introduces a new section I wanted to prepare since long time, cooking tips and small things I have been noticing in time, tricks and observations that I hope can be useful for others too!

Cooking is such a nice activity, but many times people ask me if it’s not too heavy to cook and eat all the time for a food blog. For me, it just depends on the ingredients you use. There are endless possibilities to make a dish lighter or healthier if you feel like you need to cut off calories, or fat. Quantities as well are very important!

I also wanted to tell you that I am still on holidays and I am planning to take a tour which won’t allow me to spend much time home cooking, so I am taking a small holiday break! I’ll  be back to my normal activities at the end of next week  and many other recipes will come!! 🙂

Happy holidays to everyone.. and here you go with my 5 food hacks :


Butter is a very common ingredient in the preparation of cakes. Substitute butter with the same quantity of applesauce. You will incredibly reduce the fat amount without compromising the success of your creation!


You might want to prepare a quiche, or a good pasta with cream and shrimps, but we all know cream is not that healthy. Why don’t you try substituting it with some good Greek yogurt? Less fat, cholesterol and calories, but much taste!


There a lot of different opinions about milk. Some people claim it is important to drink it because it rapports calcium, but according to others, it is absolutely better to avoid it. Considered that many people are intolerant to lactose, I feel it’s important to know that vegetable milks are an absolute good substitute for cow milk. Use the same proportion and quantities and it will be fine. Plus, those milks are delicious so it is surely a win-win!


It goes without saying the sugar is really important in the preparation of drinks and cakes. If you don’t feel like using white sugar, which is the result of complex industrial processes, try brown sugar, maple syrup or stevia. For brown sugar I use the same quantities, but for stevia you’d better read proportions on the box, because stevia powder can sweeten 20 times more than normal sugar. For maple syrup, you normally should use 3/4 of the total weight of sugar. You can use it for your cakes too but then you also need to decrease the presence of other liquids of the 30%.


Eggs are so much used in baking and this can be a problem if somebody is intolerant or vegan. Luckily, substituting eggs is not that difficult and there are many possibilities. For example, you can use two tablespoons soy yogurt in place of each egg, when you prepare cakes or savory pies. For plum cakes and pies, 1/2 smashed banana is very well-known to have a good binding power. When preparing puddings and custards, try rice or corn starch, for a proportion 2 tablespoons and 2 tablespoons of water. If the recipe includes many liquids, you might have to avoid adding the water.

One last advice

In normal health conditions, nothing is really unhealthy if you don’t exaggerate! I use eggs, milk and cream without feeling too guilty, I just try to alternate fat with proteins, minerals and vitamins and to follow a varied diet! I eat fruit and veggies everyday, and I try to limit the quantities of carbs and cakes. In the weekend I grant myself at least one day in which I eat what I want. My grandfather always says that one glass on red wine everyday is the best cure, and he’s almost 90. The lesson is : don’t drink the whole bottle, and you will be fine 🙂

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