Coming back from holidays – Round up + new schedule

Hello everyone!

I just came back from my holidays, I really needed this break! As most of you probably know, my family is still in Italy and I live in Brussels so I don’t get to see them too often! If you also consider I am from the seaside, you can easily imagine I prefer to be there in summer than here, but as I work full time (yeees 39 hours a week) at least for the moment I don’t have too much freedom.  I enjoyed every moment of it!

Coming back from this much needed time off, I found out that my colleague food blogger Stacey from Stacey Homemaker shared on her blog a very interesting list of recipes from other bloggers, in particular we are talking about vegan recipes that take maximum 30 minutes to make…and guess what? My Panzanella is on that list 🙂


As I still need to go back to my activities (next recipe on Thursday) I thought it was nice to share this list with you, I mean, there are 115 recipes to choose from !!

Here is the link:


I also have to make a change in my post schedule; as I really care about the quality of my recipes, pictures and contents I am switching to one recipe per week, due to my very strict working schedule that doesn’t leave me too much free time.  New Italian recipes will come every week and as usual, if you subscribe you’ll receive them in your inbox 🙂 I love cooking and I want to take some time to try new recipes, read more, and keep this website healthy, up and running!

So, enjoy the 115 recipes and see you soon 🙂


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