What did you eat on Valentine’s day? + Round up

I have to be honest, this week has been terribly busy due to so many things and I have spent no time at home at all that I am starting feeling pretty tired! For the same reason, I spent my Valentine’s night at the restaurant, not so much because it was Valentine’s day – I find it pretty commercial and for me it does not add any value to a relationship, if there’s love Valentine’s day is everyday – but because my fridge being almost empty, the idea of sitting and being well treated looked way more appealing!

So yesterday I went to a very well quoted Lebanese restaurant, I love Lebanese cuisine, with all those Mediterranean flavors, sauces, grilled meat, some good wine and good company and I could finally relax after a very busy week.

Now, I know that Valentine’s day has passed, but there are always good excuses to cook and eat good food and make somebody happy with the love and effort that you put in your dish, I am sure we all agree on that.

So, to give you some more inspiration this week, I have a gift for you and me. It is a gift to me because my colleague blogger Mackenzie from Food Above Gold decided to include my Sicilian Pesto in a great list of recipes containing aphrodisiac ingredients, and I am very thankful for being chosen! It is a gift for you as well because together with my pesto, you will find plenty of other tasty recipes that you can use to prolong your Valentine’s this week! Plenty of choice ladies and gentlemen =)

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