About Signorina Spaghetti

About Signorina Spaghetti


Signorina Spaghetti, aka me myself and I, gives you warm welcome and hopes you will stick around for a long time! The reason I decided to start working on this blog is simple: living abroad is proving to be a tremendous inspiration and an eye-opening experience. Together with my boyfriend Andrea, the tech savvy and admin of this culinary space, we came realizing how misinterpreted and misunderstood is Italian cuisine all around the world and we decided to give our contribution to dissipate the doubts. Such heroes we are!

To start with…

Still too many people think we just eat pasta, pizza or super fat food that requires long hours of preparation. No doubt, this kind of food is awesome and a feast for your eyes and palate, but it’s absolutely impossible to eat like this every day. Nowadays, traditional cooking goes together with influences from other cultures and cuisines and with a concern for health and well-being, creating very rich combinations (we never forget our roots, though).

Besides, Italian food is simple and easy to prepare, it is cucina povera, based on freshness of ingredients: no need to be Scrooge McDuck to afford an expensive, fancy restaurant. I make my grocery shopping at the supermarket around the corner or at the local market, I prepare everything myself and it works just fine… after all, we are happy with a well-prepared bruschetta!

Furthermore, what I consider to be a piece of vital information and an important premise, Fettuccine Alfredo and spaghetti bolognese are not Italian dishes, but mysterious horrors I pretend not to be aware of, canned ravioli are a crime against humanity and Chicken Parmigiana looks to me like a nightmare after a too heavy late dinner. And if you are asking yourself whether Pepperoni pizza is part of this shameful group, the answer is yes.

I’ll get to the point!

I realized the existence of many prejudices but also a genuine interest in how to cook the Italian way among different people. Some of my friends are surprised to discover that it’s not difficult at all, others amazed when they get to know little details I took for granted, and it is always a joy to come together to cook and indulge in culinary pleasures with a good glass of wine during long Sunday lunches. This is why I decided to share this passion for food and for Italian culture with as many people as possible, hoping to be of little help, to entertain and to exchange experiences. After all, we love the dolce vita, and wouldn’t it be a shame to keep it just for ourselves?