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Filet mignon with green peppercorn sauce – Filetto al pepe verde

Filet mignon with green peppercorn sauce is a complicated dish just at first sight. Don’t be deceived by its aspect, so chic and sophisticated!

This is the perfect dish if you are not too much into cooking but you want to impress your new date or… or your mother-in-law. At all effects, its elegant aspect hides a very simple preparation. (more…)

Authentic Spaghetti Carbonara Recipe

Authentic Spaghetti Carbonara Recipe

Don’t take this wrong, but for an Italian like me it’s really a pain to see how mistreated is the spaghetti Carbonara recipe all around the web.

I mean, spaghetti carbonara is a luscious, four ingredients recipe which is almost pornographic in its goodness.


Nevertheless, even some international superstar chefs everybody follows get it wrong! Yes, I know, I might be slightly melodramatic, but let me ask you a question. What if somebody took your grandma’s best recipe and started giving it all around, completely messed up, passing it off for her best recipe? I bet you won’t be happy. (more…)